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Wilson has a passion for everything car related and has been working on cars since he was a young boy. He was a lucky kid with multiple uncles who were car enthusiast mechanics and learned many skills from them.

Wilson has worked on countless Tesla's and knows them inside and out. Acknowledging the growing Tesla population and drive to customize Tesla's for each owners liking, Wilson set out to start Parts3xpress. Parts3xpress is a Tesla Customization and Suspension specialty shop, focused on helping Tesla Owners upgrade their cars to perform better and look good at the same time!

what our clients are saying

  • Derek W, Los Angeles, CA
    A good friend just took delivery of his m3p in late February and began modding shortly after. I had been eyeing MPP coilovers for the past year since I wasn't exactly thrilled with the stock suspension. I was sold after my buddy took me around the block after Wilson installed everything. Wilson was extremely patient and helpful in answering all of my questions regarding MPP products. I was originally torn between the comfort vs the sport coilovers and after riding in my buddy's car, I knew the sports were the way to go. DM'ed Hannah via IG and ordered a set of the MPP sports along with rear camber arms. Also, requested that they put aside a HPS front skid plate as early model 3's had crappy paper like cover. To my surprise, parts3xpress had received my coilovers a week later and quickly scheduled my installation 2 weeks later. Couldn't be happier with the entire process from start to finish. Glad parts3xpress is a quick 20 minute drive from home and will be back for future mods or maintenance.
    Derek W, Los Angeles, CA
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  • John H., Paso Robles, CA

    If you need suspension work done on your Tesla, this shop is the place to go. The team is skilled and efficient, and they got my car back on the road in no time. The ride is now smoother than ever. Highly recommended!

    John H., Paso Robles, CA
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  • Emily J., Orange County, CA

    Got the power frunk for my model 3, and everything went great! Appointment was on-time, ready when promised (I stayed and waited), and the frunk worked perfectly! I think I might do the trunk next! The technician was so nice and knowledgeable too.  After the installation, he showed me that my rear tires needed to be changed, which was a great reminder since Teslas don't get serviced often.  Appreciated the time he took to remind me because it didn't benefit them at all, he just cared enough to mention it! Thank you Parts 3xpress!

    Emily J., Orange County, CA
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  • Charles P., Glendora, CA

    I didn't want to call the Tesla Mobile service due to their unreliable and poor customer service. Fortunately I was able to find Parts3xpress to help me with my everyday Tesla needs! I was able to contact the shop owner Wilson through Instagram and asked him various questions though the chat feature in regards to repairs,  pricing and even  helping me to schedule an appointment.

    I was able to get my air filters replaced along with getting my cool underglow installed. Parts3xpress are well known within the Tesla community, often going to various Tesla meets and being involved within the community. The customer service is so great that one day one of my underglow lights became defective and Wilson was nice enough to replace it for me for free. I will be coming back to add additional modifications with Parts3xpress in the near future. This place is highly recommended because of their quality of work and professionalism. Only issue is because Wilson is so popular you may need to wait a week or 2 for your appointment, so schedule early

    Charles P., Glendora, CA
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  • Byron Y., Pasadena, CA
    My go to shop for my Tesla aftermarket needs! I've been going to Wilson for about a year now. He doesn't just install the equipment, he actually tracks it! He definitely has years of tacit knowledge that you wouldn't find anywhere else.
    Byron Y., Pasadena, CA
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  • Chamika B., El Dorado Hills, CA
    (All the way from Sacramento) I was looking for a shop to get a few services done and a body kit installed for my Tesla. Tesla SoCal club referred me to Parts3xpress. I drove all the way from Northern California but it was worth the drive. Hannah was very flexible on scheduling my appointment and accommodated all my requests. Wilson listened to all my concerns and explained everything. I highly recommend Parts3xpress. Thank you Hannah and Wilson!
    Chamika B., El Dorado Hills, CA
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  • Chendo R., Palmdale, CA
    MPP referred me to Parts3xpress. Wilson put on MPP adjustable coilovers, sway bars, and camber arms. Wilson had it done in 3 hours. Now my M3P handles a lot better. Wilson is very knowledgeable with Tesla's and is honest. He's not trying to sell you something you don't need and that is hard to find nowadays. I'll be back to get some other goodie's for my M3P.
    Chendo R., Palmdale, CA
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